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lookstat-new-logoLookstat is a web service that automatically lets you track your online sales by image at multiple sites. We've already written about its Analytics functions in a previous post. They've just launched a new home page to focus on the new stock photo backoffice services. The features and services they have been developing are summarized by the slogan:

You Create the Images – We Do the Rest

We’re committed to reducing friction and making life better for photographers and our goal with our Back Office services is to allow photographers to focus on doing what they do best, which is creating great images. We provide a flexible, cost-effective way to take care of the rest.

The full menu of Back Office services for stock photographers includes:

  • Keywording (SEO friendly and IPTC-embedded)
  • Uploading
  • Submission
  • MR management
  • Analytics (still free, some enhancements in the next couple of weeks)

First information about pricing is that there will be a flat fee per image. The service is directed to stock photographers interested in microstock, active microstock photographers, photographers who want keyworded images for their own sites.

You can find more on Lookstat Blog and you can use the contact form in the Lookstat Backoffice Page to discuss pricing and services.

Keywording, SEO, & Fixing Your Page Titles

Talking about keywords and SEO, check out an interesting and very detailed article about SEO, titles, keywording published by Rahul Pathak (Lookstat's CEO & Founder).

There's also a great PhotoShelter's guide  that you can request for free SEO for Photography Websites

  • A step-by-step guide specifically for photographers to improve your search engine compatibility
  • Increase your website traffic and grow your photography business through SEO
  • Must-have information for all photographers serious about self promotion and online marketing
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  1. Hello Roberto, just to mention it we also do SEO Optimization with the Microstock Photo Plugin.
    We use the keywords to rename the photo after downloaded – e.g. in your Post the seo.jpg.

    • Thank you Sir, exactly, details of the photo inserted via Microstock Photo Plugin:
      title="Search Engine Optimization" src="…../seo.jpg" alt="Search Engine Optimization"

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