Introducing Shutterstock Portfolio Pages: Your Custom Storefront


Shutterstock is creating a Portfolio for each contributor — a showcase for their work on Shutterstock. Contributors can customize their own storefront by creating and curating their own galleries, setting their own profile image, adding a personal contributor biography, creating their own custom Shutterstock URL and linking their website back to their Shutterstock portfolio.

With the introduction of our all-new Portfolio Pages, Shutterstock is giving you a way to increase your sales by influencing how customers see your work.

Visitors to your page now have the ability to “Follow” you, so that they can keep track of all your latest contributions.

To get the most followers and boost your earnings, start making use of all the features of your new Portfolio Page today.

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Build Your Page and Spotlight Your Work

To begin, update your profile in the Public Information section on your page. You can find this by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the Submit screen and selecting “Public Information,” or on your homepage under “Public Information Status.”

Add a photo or an avatar to represent yourself, and enter a short bio to give customers and fans an idea of who you are and what you do.

Next, go to your Catalog Manager to start creating public photo sets to display. Create sets to spotlight what you do best: If you focus on specific subjects, highlight those subjects.

For example, you can create a set called “Dogs” or “Fine Cuisine,” or a travel set called “Morocco.” Or focus on a particular style, like “Black and White,” “Tilt Shift,” or “Aerial.”

There are no limits to how many sets you can make, or how you divide them up. This is your key to creating your own personal storefront on the site. You can control the order in which your sets are displayed to customers on your Public Information page.

galleries new Shutterstock Portfolio

Drive Traffic to Your Portfolio

You can also link to your personal websites and social-media profiles from your portfolio. Provide links to your official site, your Facebook page, your Twitter account, or anywhere else you want people to go.

More importantly, you can link back to your portfolio from those same places. Be sure to set up links driving people back to your Shutterstock portfolio from anywhere you have a presence online. Our new features even include the ability to create a custom url for your page, making promotion more natural.

The more you promote your page, the more people will get to check out all the fantastic new sets you’ve put together. Make Shutterstock the go-to destination for anyone interested in your work!

 publicsets Shutterstock Portfolio

Keep an eye out for even more new features in the near future. And for all you videographers out there, we haven’t forgotten you. Footage isn’t included in the initial feature rollout, but it’s on the way in the coming months.

In the meantime, get those profiles filled out, start wowing us with your amazing public sets, promote your page anywhere and everywhere you can, and watch as your Followers grow — and your sales grow with them.


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