This Week on Microstock: Getty’s Stream App, Adobe Updates Creative Cloud, iOS8 Editing, PIXTA Events, Fotolia Fourth TEN Contest Winners and more


Getty Introduces Stream App


© Getty Images

Stock photography agency Getty Images has published an app for image consumers called “Stream”, where they can view curated streams of images published through their services. The app is available for iOS 8 and makes use of the new features of iPhone and iPad.

Stream app can be used to view, search and share images to other consumers. Getty provides imagery that features sports and relevant topics which can be seen on most newspapers, and can now also be watched from the streams provided by Getty.

The app is free to download from the iTunes App Store. Read this post to know more about the Stream app.

Adobe Updates Creative Cloud

© PDN Pulse

© PDN Pulse

Adobe recently announced a series of updates to its Creative Cloud software products in an attempt to better unite the desktop and mobile experience of users.

Among the series of updates is a new profile setting that lets Creative Cloud users upload brushes, styles, fonts, and more so that they can access them on any device. Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface touch screen support has also been updated as well as 3D printing in Photoshop. Adobe has also introduced a Creative Cloud market which will feature extra brushes, vectors, icons and design elements in a freely accessible library.

Also, a major update to Adobe’s Behance online portfolio will add a Talent Search feature which has a public job board and a recommendation engine for employers to easily search for creative editors and artists to hire.

For a full list of Creative Cloud updates, read this article from PDNPulse.

iOS8 Editing

Along with the popularity of on the go editing apps comes the extensive upgrade to the photo-editing app shipped with iOS8.

© Fotolia

© Fotolia

The editing app presents the user with 4 icons when opened. The first one an auto-enhancement, a crop tool for the second icon and the third some Instagram type filters. The bottom icon will reveal a second set of icons; Light, Color and B&W. These icons have sliders that can be adjusted up and down for the desired effect.

© Fotolia

© Fotolia

Beneath each slider is a menu type icon which reveals another set of controls when tapped. These controls has similar features in editing software like the Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw so users familiar to those software will not have trouble using it to their advantage.

© Fotolia

© Fotolia

This is a great addition to iOS for quick edits, but for those looking for luminance values and Black and White conversions, there are still better apps out there.

Take a look at the video below for a detailed editing workflow in iOS8.

For more videos and tutorial, check out this website.

PIXTA Networking Event and Stock Photo Seminar


PIXTA, the Japanese leading microstock photo agency will have a networking event and a seminar about stock photos for all photographers interested this coming October 15. The seminar will focus on PIXTA, the stock photo market and the ways to shoot saleable stock photos. Participants can also apply for the shooting sessions in November after the seminar.

Click here to register and to see the full details of the seminar.

Fourth TEN Contest Winners

For the fourth instalment of the TEN Collection Season 3 Contest, Fotolia challenged the Graphic Designers the task of creating a PSD based on the theme “Individuality in the Future” and Photographers were asked to match Photographer Mikel Muruzabal’s photo with their own photo based on the same theme.

And here are the fourth Contest winners:

Victor Murillo Jansegers from Spain and Henrique Rozada from Paraguay.

Jansegers wins a great selection of prizes for his winning entry to the Graphic Design Contest.

© Victor Murillo Jansegers

© Victor Murillo Jansegers

  • 1 x Wacom Intuos Pro M tablet
  • 1 x Adobe Creative Cloud three month subscription
  • 1 x Roland VersaStudio BN-20 printer
  • 1 x Exaprint 200 € voucher
  • 1 x Template Monster template + 300 USD worth of customization services
  • 1 x Fotolia subscription of 25 downloads per month, for one year

Rozada too wins an equally fantastic selection of prizes for his photo:

© Henrique Rozada

© Henrique Rozada

  • 1 x Adobe Creative Cloud three month subscription
  • 1 x Westcott 43” Octogonal Apollo Orb
  • 1 x Exaprint 200 € voucher
  • 300 x Fotolia credits, cashable on

If you missed this TEN creative challenge, don’t worry because Fotolia will launch another contest this coming November 10.

Other Microstock News

The New iPhone 6 and iOS8 Video Features. Exposure Control, Image Stabilization and Improved Autofocus are just some of the things you might want to check out from iPhone 6 and iOS8 that will make shooting quality videos easier.

Changes at PACA/DMLA. PACA’s new President, Sarah Fix, has a new video where she shares her visions for PACA/DMLA.  Lots of new exciting changes are taking place for the 60 year-old organization. (Or watch it below)

PACA / DMLA 2014 from Rick Leckrone on Vimeo.


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