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Making Money in Stock Photography: a Step-by-Step Guide by Steve Heap

I'd like to present this ebook written by Steve Heap –  “Getting Started in Stock” – that is aimed at relative beginners to the microstock world and focuses very much on the “how you actually do it” processes.

getting started in stock - e-book bt Steve Heap

Here some words of the author: “Over the past years I have learned a lot about microstock photography and the various tips and tricks to get the best out of each site. Some things are obvious – others you only learn about after spending hours reading through forum posts.  Save your time – all those tips and tricks are now available in an easy step by step guide to Microstock and how you can make money from your photos. Learn how to get into the business, follow the workflow describing how to manage your images, keyword them and get them on-line with the minimum fuss. Finally, jump straight to the time saving tools and web sites such as  Lightburner and DeepMeta to effectively manage your portfolio.”

Table of Contents of “Getting Started in Stock

  • Chapter 1: Microstock – a boon for photographers or the death knell
  • Chapter 2: How can I sell my photos and get some money??
  • Chapter 3: Now to business – your first stock photographs
  • Chapter 4: An Effective Workflow for Stock Photography
  • Chapter 5: Shutterstock
  • Chapter 6: iStockPhoto
  • Chapter 7: DeepMeta and uploads to iStockPhoto
  • Chapter 8: Dreamstime
  • Chapter 9: Fotolia
  • Chapter 10: Second Tier Sites
  • Chapter 11: Semi Macro Stock Sites
  • Chapter 12: Lightburner – automated uploads to many sites
  • Chapter 13: Model Release Management
  • Chapter 14: Monitoring Sales and Income
  • Chapter 15: Last Thoughts

I've really appreciated this handy work, in just 72 pages and for less than 5$, there is all the basic things you have to know for getting in microstock… and some good info also for the expert stockers 🙂

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