Free Fotolia Ranking Calculator


Try the Free Fotolia Ranking Calculator by Robert Kneschke

Do you want to estimate how long will it take to reach the next ranking level at microstock agency Fotolia? Visit the Robert Kneschke's Fotolia Ranking Calculator.

[quote style=”boxed”]That’s not only a matter of ego, but of pure money, because the higher your rank, the more percentage you get for each sale at Fotolia. Because of this I developed a small formula for myself to estimate how long it would take until I reach the next level. A befriended programmer helped me now to share my formula with you. Instructions can be found below the calculator.[/quote]

Free Fotolia Ranking Calculator by Robert Kneschke

For the calculation you need to enter at least three values:

  1. The number of credit sales so far
  2. The number of subsciption sales so far
  3. The total sales of last month
  4. It is optional, but recommended to enter the total sales of the two preceding months as well to increase the precision of the calculator.

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