Envato announce Unstock: Bonus per Image plus Contest


unstock-envatoThe Envato group, as known from their sites like PhotoDune or GraphicRiver, has recently announced a new collection of non-traditional stock images, called Unstock. The collection contains authentic images and is being offered at a flat price of $5 with a standard RF license, and the potential to win $500 on each of ten named topics.

Reward for all images accepted for Unstock

As part of the launch and their willingness to quickly extend the collection, Envato is offering contributors a reward of $5 for each images accepted into the Unstock collection. Images need to be uploaded to the PhotoDune site and tagged as “unstock” to be considered for the new collection. The reward is being offered for all images without limit in numbers, for images uploaded between November 5, 2015 and January 28, 2016.

Contest for best photo in ten categories


In addition, Envato plans to give cash prizes of $500 each to the winning photos in ten categories they announced:

  • ‘Happy Holidays’
  • ‘Being human’
  • ‘A way of life’
  • ‘Busy & connected’
  • ‘Life is a journey’
  • ‘It’s a wonderful world’
  • ‘Together’
  • ‘Unexpected’
  • ‘Building our world’
  • ‘Details & little things’

For inspiration and to find out what is being accepted into those categories, they can be found on the Unstock. All the details about the rules can be found here on the blog of Unstock.


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