Dreamstime 10M Celebration Rewards Its Biggest Fans: The Community


Tallying Its 10 Millionth Image Offering 100% – Plus Royalties and Buyer Incentives

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – November 9th, 2010 – Dreamstime, a leader in the global stock photography industry, approaches a prodigious achievement. The six-year-old company anticipates the addition of the site’s 10 millionth image in late November.

In recognition, Dreamstime has announced plans to celebrate this mile mark with its photographers by offering a full 100% royalty for each and every image sold on the 10 millionth marked day; Dreamstime exclusive contributors will be rewarded with royalties at 110% during the 24-hour period. In addition to the 100% payout, the contributor who submits the 10 millionth image will be awarded an Apple iPad tablet (the revolutionary, up-to-the minute mini-computer catering to visual media that will lend itself as a natural segue to Dreamstime). His/her portfolio will also be showcased on the Dreamstime homepage for seven days. Dreamstime designers and contributors can monitor the increasing number with a live “countdown” currently in process on Dreamstime.com.

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Buyers will also be included in the milestone celebration. Dreamstime shoppers will be offered a one-day-only 20% discount on all purchases made during the 10 millionth marked time period. Unlike marketing campaigns and promotions with fancy prizes awarded to few (with rules, regulations and stipulations in fine print), this promotion solidifies Dreamstime’s commitment to its community–one and all.

“Our incredibly talented contributors and designers have been the cornerstone of Dreamstime’s success – we all understand that in order for the agency to be a success, we must ensure the success of our customers. So, as we near this landmark, we encourage all of our wonderful participants to join us in the celebration,” Serban Enache, CEO of Dreamstime, explains. “The promotion sets the stage for our 2011 goals: to go deeper into untapped markets and attract more customers who have never used stock before. We hope to grow our community even more in the coming years. With all of us together, we have no doubt Dreamstime will become grander with each passing day!”

Contests, incentives and promotions are traditional for Dreamstime. From its inception, the site has encouraged healthy competition amongst its users; two current contributors contests include The Assignment and In The News. Informally known as The Assignment, Dreamstime monthly assignment contests are customarily theme-based and are open to photographers who have at least 50 images online. Submissions must be sold exclusively with Dreamstime and entrees can earn up to $300 for their image. In The News is a section specifically designed to initiate interest and participation by skilled and gifted photographers for use in print journalism.

This 10 Million contributor reward is not a new concept for Dreamstime but a usual course of business to applaud and recognize its photographers at all significant turning points. Formerly presenting prizes with every 10,000th file, then every 100,000th and now, with every millionth image, hundreds of prizes have been awarded over the years (from electronics to gadgets, t-shirts and branded merchandise).

Dreamstime LogoToday, with nearly 10 million images, Dreamstime.com is currently the second leading agency in total customers (with over 11 million unique visitors to the site) and is one of the most popular web sites in the world. The acceleration in numbers overall makes it the fastest growing stock agency worldwide. In addition to the more than 100,000 free images available, Dreamstime’s active gallery is updated by the second with photos from the site’s 100,000-plus contributors.

For more information on Dreamstime, please visit: www.Dreamstime.com.


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