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DEPOSITPHOTOS introduced «Smart Search»

On 24 May 2011 the developers’ team of DEPOSITPHOTOS photo stock agency introduced changes in the image search engine. Now, the search on the web site can advice and display the most popular inquiries with already entered words and the number of results by each. Display because, for the first time in photo stocks, prompt messages operate not only with words but also with visual patterns, and all word combinations offered by the new search are illustrated. Even first user trials have shown that the introduced changes allow better orientation in potential results, quicker location of the required images, and prevent spelling mistakes.

depositphotos smart search - example "business"

Now one should not be in doubt what inquiry to input, just enter the beginning of the keyword in the search line and the «Smart Search» will complete the word by itself, display the variants and such word combinations you probably never dream of! Enter a text in English, and the search will show prompts in English. Wish to try search with keywords in German? Prompts will change at once, and you will not have to switch between the site language versions. Maybe, you are looking for a famous photographer? Authors are covered by prompts, too. Moreover, you’ll see not only the author’s name but his avatar and the number of photographs available for purchasing,’ DEPOSITPHOTOS photo stock agency CEO with energy describes the innovation.

DEPOSITPHOTOS photo stock agency daily replenishes its collection with thousand images and keeps on debugging and improvement of the site interface according to the user needs and wishes. The present standard search is simple and user-friendly, extended search allows assignment of the category, author, color, excluding keywords and much more. All these functions have provided the best search results but introduction of the search prompts supplies user with such feedback that narrows down the search area and makes the search process more effective as well as quicker. All these possibilities, each being a little thing by itself, together compose what amazes by its forethought and concern for users.

Whether you are a designer looking for illustrations for the next project or a photograph selling own stock photos, cooperation with DEPOSITPHOTOS photo stock agency will be simple and easy to you. While purchasing, flexible tariff plans allow orientation to the quality in the first place and not to the product price, from the other side high author fees along with the service growing popularity provide authors unlimited potential for earning. DEPOSITPHOTOS is the best choice for both interested parties; it is what the company values above all.


Depositphotos Inc. is the quickest growing stock image agency in the world. At present the photo stock agency has 3.5 million stock royalty-free images and vector images. The agency library is renewed daily with the spate of carefully checked and selected author works. Now one should not spend hours on searching high-quality and original author works somewhere else, DEPOSITPHOTOS’ professionals have selected them and sorted for quick and convenient search.




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