first months roundup


After a few months since the launch, Depositphotos is continuing its fast growing with a strong campaign of advertising on the net and with the introduction of a boosting affiliation program… you can find Depositphotos' affiliation link everywhere, here too 🙂

Here an Alexa graph useful to compare the reference, iStock, with the two fast growing agency among the newcomers, Pixmac and Depositphotos (as I wrote many times, I use these data to see trends and relative market positions, they are not necessarily representing the business volumes).

alexa rank for istock depositphotos pixmac

Just some personal statistics: 3 files sold at lower price this year, payout received after the first big upload batch, 4 affiliates.

I've asked the Depositphotos' team to share with us a first roundup and some short term programs:

“We keep on $0.2 payments per each of 500 uploaded photos to our photographers. Yet, in addition to these payments and money for the sold photographs, our users have a new possibility to earn since we have launched the Refferal Program. Its terms can be seen here
For the first time ever we pay not only a per cent of purchases of the Buyers having come by your link but also 5 cents per each uploaded photograph of your referral seller and a per cent of his/her profit at selling photographs. Besides, users can place our banner with their referral link, and we'll pay them for this.

Another innovation is the Free Trial Program that we offer to our buyers. Anyone who wish can try work with our photobank absolutely free. We offer a free 14-day subscription during which a user can download up to 10 images a day, 140 images in total. And this is completely free of charge! Of course, photographers of the purchased images get standard payment no matter whether the image has been bought by ordinary or Free Trial subscription.

One and a half month ago we translated the website into Russian, and this week the German and French versions have started. They are still under proofreading and check, probably not everything is perfect, and we would be grateful to our users for error notes, but we are happy that from now on our users can surf the website and get necessary information with more convenience. The next in turn is Spanish.

We've made quite an advance in work during less than four months. More than 6.5 thousand photographers cooperate with us; there are 740 000 images in the online base. Certainly, we are still far from the top rating positions but we advance steadily. Many websites being in the business for several years cannot display such results. Nevertheless, the most important result is the credence of our buyers and sellers who use our services. We intend to continue evolution and please the users with new actions, gifts and special proposals. Stay turned, we have many ideas on ice 🙂 “


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