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Cutcuster, 1 year old media marketplace, has introduced a new kind of photographic dynamic exchange. As a buyer of images or vector illustrations, you can immediately license or bid for this content by submitting a price to sellers. Sellers can accept, decline or negotiate with the buyer by resubmitting a new offer back. In addition, sellers can set their prices or use the Cutcaster pricing algorithm to correctly determine the market price.

What is the Cutcaster Algorithm?
Cutcaster's proprietary pricing algorithm takes the work out of determining and maximizing your content's revenue by changing its price to match the demand in the marketplace. All you have to do is set an initial price or allow us and then let the algorithm do the rest – the price of your image and illustrations will then fluctuate based on a set of market variables.

Another interesting feature is Project Request:

What is ProjectRequest?
ProjectRequest puts the Cutcaster community to work finding or creating exactly the type of you need. Post a ProjectRequest and get the custom content you want on-demand. Outline what you're looking for, tell us when you need it by, then watch the submissions roll in!

  • fast FTP upload available
  • automatic extraction of  IPTC data
  • minimum file size is 1600 x 1200 pixels
  • exclusive royalty rate 50%
  • non exclusive royalty rate 40%

Top 14 Categories with the Most Total Downloads (fron Cutcaster Blog, June 2008)

  1. people- kids, young adults and babies
  2. people- adults, mature adults, senior citizens
  3. nature- flowers, plants and trees
  4. business-business tools and concepts
  5. objects on white background
  6. nature- scenery and landscapes
  7. signs & symbols
  8. business people
  9. emotions and moods- concept stuff
  10. vector graphics and illustrations
  11. objects- still life
  12. travel- transportation
  13. architecture & interiors-building exteriors
  14. sports related

I like Cutcaster approach and I hope they could be a successful agency in the “overcrowded” market of microstock. They've just announced that Cutcaster is having it’s best month ever in terms of sales. So, now I'm waiting for my first sell!


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  1. May 20th via twitter @cutcaster announces: "just passed 240k uploads and its really picking up. we have high quality #photo perfect for presentations, brochures, books, mags etc."

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