Announcing Shutterstock’s new Catalog Manager for contributors


Announcing Shutterstock's new Catalog Manager for contributors

As of today, the Catalog Manager is live to contributors on Shutterstock built it to be a really easy to use tool for organizing and promoting a sets of images in a contributors catalog. The tool helps contributors curate their images and organize them into sets which they can then choose to share publicly. When contributors publish a set, Catalog Manager gives them a link they can share on their blogs, in forums and elsewhere, such as Twitter and Facebook. For the future, Shutterstock is thinking about how they can integrate sets with the customer site, to surface these sets to interested image buyers. One interesting side note that many contributors may not already know is that all contributors are automatically part of Shutterstock's affiliate program (which pays the highest commissions in the industry). All of the links generated by the Catalog Manager include the contributor’s referral code, so if a contributor shares a link with someone who is not already a Shutterstock customer and they make a purchase within 30 days, the contributor will get 20% of that purchase in addition to their regular royalty on image downloads. Given the prices for subscriptions, that referral bonus can be up to $200.
shutterstock catalog manager
Here you can find the “Energy” Set of the previous screenshot
You can also see the Shutterbuzz's blog post on the Catalog Manager here: and watch the following video.

Catalog Manager from Shutterstock Contributors on Vimeo.


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