Alamy’s CEO Has Answered Your Questions


Alamy’s CEO, James West is back for the third time to answer some of your questions. Find out if he answered yours in the video below or here on Youtube.

The team has boiled down hundreds of questions into top ten which they think represents the hundreds of questions that came in. So here’s some…

Getty’s decision to give away 30 million images – “Getty’s announcement is interesting but it is not going to change our business.”

Where Alamy is compared with the top 10 non-exclusive agencies – “If you look at the industry as being the traditional Rights Managed, Royalty Free long tail of commercial images and editorial images, Alamy is firmly in the top 5. If you include all of the microstock players, we’re in the top 10.”


What’s the plan with Stockimo – “We’ve got some new versions of the app on their way and very exciting things are coming out which you will be hearing about soon. Interestingly, the sales per 1000 images on Stockimo are doing slightly better than the average on Alamy. Stockimo will be available on Android when we finish code of element work on iOS. ”


Latest tools for contributors – “A few things have changed recently, firstly the My Alamy was updated, we’ve also greatly improved the purchase path for first time buyers on Alamy and we’re bringing those disciplines of superfast and convenient user experience to the whole site. The next area of focus for us is on contributor tools and our work has begun.”

The future for Alamy – “Although the industry has been going quite a lot of changes, I still feel very optimistic about it which is that we’re still learning and there are things we can do to increase the attractiveness of the product for first time buyers. I think that it’s a different industry to what it was 10 years ago and a different industry to what it was 20 years ago but it would still be here in 10 years, 20 years time, and we’re gonna be here for the long run.”


James also talks about the reputation of Stock, why he hasn’t lost faith in the industry and why they started the 100% student project.


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