Adobe Launched Beta for New Adobe Stock Contributor Site


Adobe Stock LogoGood news for all those who wanted to contribute to Adobe Stock directly! Adobe has just launched today the public beta for their new Adobe Stock Contributor Site, where you'll be able to upload still images and videos to be sold on Adobe Stock platform.

The new site lets is fully integrated to Creative Cloud, and makes it easier and faster for you to submit photos, vectors, illustrations and videos, publishing them directly from Lightroom CC. This also adds valuable technologic improvement, like intelligent keywording and support for the latest cameras' files.

Until now Adobe Stock's library was sourced from Fotolia — following Adobe's acquisition of the agency— and the only way to sell stock with them was through the latter. But now contributors are able to submit their work to Adobe Stock directly, simplifying the process and exposing them to a potentially huge market of Creative Cloud users.

The New Adobe Stock Contributor Site

Open for public beta since today, the Adobe Stock Contributor Site lets you upload and sell your content directly on Adobe Stock platform. Your submissions will be available within Adobe Creative Cloud applications, like Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and more, for other Creative Cloud users to purchase.

Creative Cloud Integration

The new site is fully integrated to Creative Cloud, enabling you to publish your submissions to Adobe Stock straight from your preferred applications. During the beta phase you'll be able to upload from Lightroom CC and Bridge CC. This not only makes it much faster and simpler to submit content, but improves camera support: Lightroom CC adds support for the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.



To make the submitting process even easier, Adobe Stock is adding machine learning technology to automatically suggest keywords for your images or videos.

When you upload a file to Adobe Stock, their proprietary algorithms analyze it and deliver the top used keywords for all similar content in the platform. You can sort and reorder the resulting keywords to your like.

As it's an intelligent system, the more contributors use it, the better the suggestion tool will get.


Open Beta Phase

As the new contributor site is in beta, some of its features will be modified and improved before the official launch, based upon user experience and feedback.

Adobe expects all Adobe Stock contributors to try the new upload site and share their suggestions or comments.

Contributing to Adobe Stock

The key point in selling via Adobe Stock is the exposure to a potentially huge buyer base: the millions of creatives that use one or more of Adobe Creative Cloud applications in their work. Having your images available right within the application's library makes them much more accessible to these buyers.

The terms for contribution have not changed, and are pretty much the same than those of most stock agencies: you must be over 18, own full copyright for the images you submit, and provide signed model release for every recognizable person in your images.

Adobe Stock has disclosed that they are particularly interested in images around the trending, modern concepts like people, cultural diversity, technology and fashion, and other more established popular topics like food, portraits, lifestyle, architecture, beauty and business.

Adobe Stock sells images and videos a la carte, on a per-item basis, and includes subscription options for images. Contributors get 33% royalty rate for images, and 35% for videos.

If you want to contribute to Adobe Stock directly, try the new Adobe Stock Contributor Site and share your thoughts!


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