Let’s talk about a fair Microstock Agency: Yaymicro


We have talked enough about microstock (ex) agencies that are moving to a different business model and are going to pay 15% commissions to some of their photographers. So, let's give space and voice to different approaches, fairer policies, such as YAY Micro.

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Two preliminary remarks:

  1. YAY Micro is considered a “Low Earner” site and my personal experience sees just a few images sold in more than 2 years
  2. This is not a sponsored article, I'm just using my referral links; my aim is to underline an agency on top for author commission percentages, hoping to see its growth, good for all of us non-exclusive microstockers. Good Karma

Yaymicro is an online marketplace located in Oslo, Norway, where photographers around the world can sell their images directly to customers.
YAY Micro (YAY) aims to be the best creative and editorial microstock agency in terms of low price, high quality, a good reputation and a high customer and contributor satisfaction. More on the About Page.


I've tried to buy an image and the procedure is really fast and user friendly. A library with more than 1 million Royalty Free images and the presence of the best microstock  contributors should guarantee a huge choice for the buyers. Prices are similar to others agencies, with single images starting from $1.30 each and discounts for high-res images (example, 100 Hi-Res XL Images for 324$, 3.24 each). Subscriptions available: Monthly subscription (125 images, 149 euro) and One-Year subscription (365 images, 699 euro).

Buy Discount Stock Photo at YayMicro.comContributors

The commission is 50 % to contributors on all single image sales. Period. For subscriptions the commission is 1 euro per download (one of the best deals in the microstock market). Easy “one-click after upload” procedure via FTP, no categories, high acceptance ratio and fast review time are also appreciated by YAY contributors.

The other great aspect is a generous affiliation program, just published the new one ready to start  BETA YayMicro Affiliate Program. Here a summary:

  • 20% Commission on All Sales, forever…
  • An Extra 5% Commission on Your Referral's Referrals, here the scheme
    Customer Buys: Price Direct Referral Indirect Referral
    Credits $1-$10.000+ 20% of amount 5% of amount
    10 high-res images $75 $15 $3.75
    25 high-res images $142 $28.50 $7.10
    100 high-res images $324 $65 $16.20
    500 high-res images $1416 $283 $70.80
    1000 high-res images $2687 $537.50 134.35
  • $5 bonus for links from each of your domains (must be approved by YayMicro and it must be online for at least one year)
  • Promote Your Link with a 20% Discount Coupon
  • Improve Your Campaign with Analytics Data & Unique Ids
  • Ready-Made Banners and Links to Landing Pages
  • Every Page as a ready referral link to copy (you can find it on the bottom page)
  • Get a Search Box

    YAY! Search Stock Photos & Illustrations:

Open questions

Linda, Jan Ole, Bjorn, readers, am I forgetting something important? Is your business model sustainable? Open for comments and integrations… thanks.

Linda YAYLinda Laegreid Johannessen, one of the entrepreneurs at YAY: “We don't have much to add at this time – but of course we think our business model is sustainable. 😉 We believe that you'll succeed in the long run by being fair and treating the people in your environment in an ethical way. There has been slow sales the first two years, but now we're past the initial development phase, and are ready to continue into the growth phase.

Get a Free Image and a 20% Discount on Stock Photos at YayMicro.com


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I write about the stock photo and microstock industry since 2006 on my several online-magazines. My goal for MyStockPhoto is to teach photographers and stock photographers how to sell more photos and earn money with their photography hobby.


  1. Good overview Roberto. I’ve always found this a nice agency to work with. Fast and easy uploading and editing and quick reviews. When I have needed to contact them they have always got back to me really quickly. Sales could be better on the site but don’t forget the quarterly sales they add on from third party re-sellers. These add up quite nicely! And, of course, that very fair commission rate. Can only wish them well. Regards, David.

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