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As the end of the year rapidly approaches, iStockphoto decided to take a look at what photo trends they saw in 2012.

Here a fancy infographic and a list of  insights on some trends, including why Medical, Lifestyle, Concepts, Business, and People were the most searched categories throughout the year. Many thanks to the author,  Rebecca Swift, Director of Creative Planning at Getty Images.

Based on GDUSA Reader Survey.

2012 Photo Trending Topics Inforgraphic

2012 Photo Trending Topics Inforgraphic – CLICK TO ZOOM OUT

Rebecca’s Top 10 Photo Trends in 2012

  1. A natural mix of European ethnicities is making its mark in Business imagery. Europe is a melting pot.
  2. Locations are getting warmer with darker wood tones, contrasted against white walls and natural light. Cosiness and comfort rule over minimalism.
  3. Working early in the morning and into the evening are sought after scenarios. Our customers want to prove that they work hard.
  4. The anti-vanity trend is alive and well in portraiture. Why use models when you can use gloriously real looking people with their attractive faults and quirks. It is more difficult to relate to someone who has never had to deal with imperfection.
  5. “The Good Life” is visualized through images of play, fun and enjoyment. Anything that costs nothing to do.
  6. Emotions are getting subtler – less anger, outrage, despair, passion, shock and hilarity, more awe, curiosity, gratitude, pleasure and contentment.
  7. Mature men and women rule in portraiture – turns out they are the people we trust
  8. Luxury is huge in Asia, less so in Europe and North America – We have the financial crisis to blame for that.
  9. Teamwork in business sells best across all regions . We all want to show how we can work across cultures and time zones.
  10. The colour palette of lifestyle is earth tones  – the look and feel is closer to the natural colours found in nature.

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