100 Days to make it in Stock Photography


Press release, May 14th 2013 – Follow the journey!

Can you learn how to make it in stock photography in 100 days? Photography student Simon Bergström challenge the image industry together with Mostphotos to find out if it is possible to learn how to make sales in stock photography. The journey can be followed through the rebellious blog project “100 days to make it in stock photography” and the aim with the project is to inspire photographers, on all levels, how to best sell their work and to give valuable sneak peaks into the big stock photography industry.


This is the first blog of its kind in photography, much in line with Mostphotos mission to make it easy for anyone to start selling images. The collaboration with the photography student Simon
Bergström from Berghs School of Communication has already started and the blog will be launched the 20th of May.
[quote style=”boxed”]Photography is one of the world’s most popular hobbies but very few know about the possibilities of selling photos. There are so many talented photographers, both amateur and semi-professionals, who sit on large image archives not knowing how easy it is to make them available for sale. With this new blog we want to give these people a real-life example of how to do it! – Victor Sundén, CEO, Mostphotos[/quote]

Mostphotos support Simon by setting up appointments with professional photographers in the stock industry and arrange photo-shoots in line with requested image categories. The blog is going to be a transparent and authentic journey based on Simon Bergström’s experiences during the limited time of 100 days. For anyone interested in photography it is a rare chance to follow a realtime story on how to learn selling images like a pro. Simon is passionate about his work and sees this challenge as a great opportunity to reach out with his photography.
[quote style=”boxed”]The blog is really a fun and interesting experiment. Especially, since I never worked specifically with this genre. As a photographer today, you need to be open to a lot of different ways to earn your living. I see this as a big opportunity! – Says Simon Bergström, photography student at Berghs School of Communication[/quote]

The story behind Mostphotos

In 2007, photographer Arian Bahrami founded Mostphotos with the vision to create a totally different stock image bank with global reach but local focus. He was a member of several international stock image sites and he found it intriguing that all of them rejected his image based on the same argument – they already had enough images of churches! However, no one had an
image of this particular church, which clearly could have commercial appeal to local customers. A few months later Mostphotos was born, based on the belief that anyone can make great images and that local content will appeal to local customers. Today Mostphotos has more then 40 000 contributors and approximately 4 million images for sale.

The blog is launched 20th of May on: 100dayblog.mostphotos.com. For more information about the blog or Mostphotos, please contact: Lena Telander, lena.telander@mostphotos.com, +46 (0)739383786

About Author

I write about the stock photo and microstock industry since 2006 on my several online-magazines. My goal for MyStockPhoto is to teach photographers and stock photographers how to sell more photos and earn money with their photography hobby.

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